Play It Forward
Charitable Fundraising Branch of the Terre Haute Fellowship of Gamers
Muerte al Chupacabra - October 2011
Cameraman and Reporter for News 13
From Below - October 2011
Searching for Clues
The Green Fairy - October 2010
Guy, the Bartender at the Green Fairy
Sleight of Hand - GenCon 2015
The Full Cast of Sleight of Hand
Muerte al Chupacabra - October 2011
Dinner at the Ranch
Muerte al Chupacabra - October 2011
The Chupacabra

We're a group of hobby gamers, larpists, and playtesters from Indiana. We host various live-action role-playing (LARPs) games throughout the year, either at conventions, banquet facilities, or at members' homes. Check out what evil we've spread in the past, or peek at one of our upcoming events. Thanks for visiting, and we hope you have a mind-blowing time!


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