Play It Forward
Charitable Fundraising Branch of the Terre Haute Fellowship of Gamers
Muerte al Chupacabra - October 2011
Cameraman and Reporter for News 13
From Below - October 2011
Searching for Clues
The Green Fairy - October 2010
Guy, the Bartender at the Green Fairy
Sleight of Hand - GenCon 2015
The Full Cast of Sleight of Hand
Muerte al Chupacabra - October 2011
Dinner at the Ranch
Muerte al Chupacabra - October 2011
The Chupacabra

Children's Events

Because our children's LARPs at Gencon were so well received, we decided to make them part of a separate entity.  Both Mystery at a Midsummer's Tea (Princess Islansardi's Tea Party) and Rescue Flora Valley are now a part of our sister site... "A Taste of Ever After."  We hope to improve children's critical thinking and teamwork skills through the fun of roleplaying.  New games, designed to be fun for kids ages 5 and up, will be added in the future. bluefairy



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