Play It Forward
Charitable Fundraising Branch of the Terre Haute Fellowship of Gamers
Muerte al Chupacabra - October 2011
Cameraman and Reporter for News 13
From Below - October 2011
Searching for Clues
The Green Fairy - October 2010
Guy, the Bartender at the Green Fairy
Sleight of Hand - GenCon 2015
The Full Cast of Sleight of Hand
Muerte al Chupacabra - October 2011
Dinner at the Ranch
Muerte al Chupacabra - October 2011
The Chupacabra

Upcoming Charity Event!

Play it Forward Logo Concepts 05

We are thrilled to announce that Lurkers-in-the-Valley Productions is partnering with Play it Forward and the ISU Roleplaying Guild to put on a charity Live Action Role Playing Event on April 29th at 7:00 pm!

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