From Below

Our first LARP at GenCon was From Below in August 2010.  From Below was also our October 2009 private event in Terre Haute, Indiana.  The background for this event is provided below.  Check out our photo galleries for pictures of the madness that was found in Kingsport!

Kingsport Historical Society Museum circa 1925

from belowThe seaside town of Kingsport has long been a home for artists, dreamers, fortune seekers and eccentrics. It has also known its fair share of revolutionaries, smugglers and pirates. It's a well-known but little discussed matter of local history that in 1731 Customs Inspector Eben Hall, former witch hunter and mayor, had a run-in with Captain Douglas Corben, captain of the merchant vessel Hellene. There was an argument about inspections or tariffs or some such that ended in a short but decisive battle in Kingsport Harbor, sinking the Hellene with all hands aboard. The wreck of the Hellene and whatever cargo she may have been carrying was lost to time. Until this past Friday.

It's been in all the papers. The Coast Guard was testing their new diving apparatus out in Kingsport harbor on a calm morning in early spring, hoping to acclimate themselves to the new equipment before the height of the tourist season. The able bodies of the Coast Guard each took their turn descending into the murky depths. Young recruit Henry Koch, now in the care of the Congregational Hospital, stumbled upon the wreck of the Hellene and brought to the surface an old sea chest he discovered within. The chest and its mysterious contents have been brought to the Kingsport Historical Society Museum for safekeeping. Unfortunately the discovery of the sea chest, and the rumors surrounding its possible contents, has brought the issue of ownership into dispute. That is why on this night of all nights the people of Kingsport have gathered at the Museum to settle the issue once and for all. Tonight it shall be decided who owns Captain Corben's treasure and who will return home empty handed.


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