Muerte al Chupacabra

The Lurkers in the Valley October 2011 private event and one of the Gencon, August 2012 events was "Muerte al Chupacabra" by William Thrasher and the Skirmisher Game Development Group. Check out our photo galleries for pictures from each of these events.

chupacabra2Player's Introduction

For the past 30 years Hobbsbad, New Mexico, has lived in fear of El Chupacabra, an unseen monster that comes in the night and feeds on the blood of livestock. Every few years the attacks become more frequent, and then stop just as quickly and mysteriously as they began. Nothing, not even Mayor Sinclair’s Chupacabra Taskforce, has been able to stop this malevolent creature. Now, one man has done the impossible. Hector Reyes, rancher and entrepreneur, has captured El Chupacabra alive! Tonight, he plans to reveal his prize to the world — or at least the highest bidder. Hobbsbad has been thrown into chaos, as crackpots, cryptozoologists, reporters, and ranchers swarm on Hector’s farmhouse to confront El Chupacabra!

(This game was set in 1996 or 1997. However, the script was based upon 1970’s b-grade westerns and the setting in New Mexico reflected that.)

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