FairyPrincess Islansardi's Tea Party - GenCon 2013 and 2014

One of the Lurkers in the Valley Gencon  events was "Princess Islansardi's Tea Party" by Ashley Poff.  It was held on Sunday, August 18, 2013 and again at the most recent Gencon on Sunday, August 17, 2014. The event was designed for a younger child (ages 4 to 8 or 9) paired with a parent. Both games were sold out and all of our little fairies seemed to have a great time!  Check out our photo galleries for pictures!


Player's Introduction:

Today is Princess Islansardi’s 7th Birthday; as her closest friends you are to be the guests of honor at her Birthday Tea. Tea will be served in the Queen’s Garden, set at the head of Flora Valley. The Valley is located between the Evian Mountains, Mayflower Meadow, and the Enchanted Forest. This quaint little area has been inhabited by faeries of every race for hundreds of years. Though it is generally a peaceful place to live, there have recently been some issues with some of the more sinister magical creatures that live in the surrounding areas.

As you all set down to celebrate with the Princess, you find that you may need to work together, using each of your special gifts, to save the day.


Characters: (The game has 12 players - one parent and one child of each type of fairy.)

Sprites are guardians of the faerie realm; their sole job is the protection of the fey from Goblins and other dark creatures. Sprites are dedicated fully to defending all that is just and right in the world.

        • Sprite Parent - You are the Princess’ Aunt. You are a very clever faerie who is excellent with a bow.
        • Sprite Child - You are the Princess’ Cousin. You are known for a magnetic personality and your accuracy with a slingshot.


Pookas are wild faeries that can change form into any natural animal or creature. Generally, Pookas prefer to live in places that are uninhabited.

        • Pooka Parent - You are a folk lore scholar that lives on the outskirts of Mayflower Meadow. Your daughter and the Princess are best friends.
        • Pooka Child - You are the Princess’ best friend. You pride yourself on being very alert and stealthy.


Pixies are winged faeries that live in meadows and forests. Pixies are good natured and playful faeries that strongly resemble humans.

        • Pixie Parent - You and your family live next-door to the Royal Family as part of the advisory committee. You are known as the Wisest faerie in Flora Valley.
        • Pixie Child - You are the Princess’ oldest companion. Music is your passion.


Gnomes are hardworking faeries that create elaborate tunnels and mines underground and in mountains. Gnomes are the most well-known faeries; probably because they are so friendly.

        • Gnome Parent - You personally know the Princess because she is friends with your child, but you often see her in the fortunes you read about the future of the Valley.
        • Gnome Child - You met the Princess through her cousin, who is your best friend. Your special ability is performing magic.


Greenies are the green-wearing faeries of the fields and forests around habitations. These faeries are known for their skills in making delectable confections and herbal medicine.

        • Greenie Parent - You own the local Apothecary. The princess often brings you herbs from her adventures around the Valley
        • Greenie Child - You and the Princess met at school. Your hobby is baking; you are very well known in the Valley for this talent.


Brownies are sturdy, industrious, household, faeries that help humans with everyday chores. Generally they live in frame work and under floor boards of cozy cottages.

        • Brownie Parent - You possess True Sight which allows you to see through enchantments. You know the Princess through your child.
        • Brownie Child - You met the Princess one day while playing in the Enchanted Forest. You love to tinker and always carry tools and spare parts.


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