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One of the Lurkers in the Valley Gencon 2014 events was "Rescue Flora Valley" by Ashley Poff.  It was held on Saturday, August 16, 2014. Rescue Flora Valley is an interactive, cooperative game designed for a younger child (ages 4 to 9). The children each received their own foam sword that they decorated as they "readied" their weapons. Once that was complete, they joined the Queen's Champion on an expedition through Flora Valley and up the Evian Mountains, talking with different residents of the Valley and gathering clues on their search for Ardour the dragon's egg.

On their quest, the children were asked to do various physical tasks, such as balancing across a rope bridge, hopping from rock to rock across lava, skipping up a mountain path, and throwing "rocks" into a gargoyle's mouth, as well as using their new swords in a battle against swarms of spiders that threatened their party. They also had conversations with other characters, collected clues, and worked together to successfully complete their mission.
Player's Introduction:
Flora Valley is located between the Evian Mountains, Mayflower Meadow, and the Enchanted Forest. This quaint little area has been inhabited by faeries   of every race for hundreds of years. Though it is generally a peaceful place to live, there are sometimes issues with some of the more sinister magical creatures that live in the areas. 
You are a member of the Queen's Guard. You and your fellow warriors have pledged to serve the Queen, and protect the realm from any and all potential threats.
You received an urgent call from the Queen and her council this morning. Currently the Valley is under threat of being burnt to the ground by Ardour. Ardour is the Dragon that lives on the Peaks of the Evian Mountains. Usually, Ardour is very passive and has even been known to assist the Queen in times of great need. However, two days ago Ardour’s egg was stolen and the Dragon is demanding its return. If it is not returned by sunrise tomorrow, the dragon will burn the Valley to ashes. You and the other Sprites must go on a quest to find and return the missing egg.

Characters: (The game may have up to 12 players all of whom are Sprites.)

Sprites are guardians of the faerie realm; their sole job is the protection of the fey from Goblins and other dark creatures. Sprites are dedicated fully to defending all that is just and right in the world.




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