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One of the Lurkers in the Valley Gencon 2012 events and our private November 2012 Terre Haute event was "Riding the Storm Out" by John Welliver.  Check out our photo galleries for pictures from each of these events.

Player's Introduction

 Lake Valley is a small, usually sleepy mining town in the New Mexico Territory in 1893. The silver mine has provided for the town for going on 10 years now, but lately Indian raids and train robberies have plague the mine owners, William and Edmund St. John Smythe. After his mother was killed by Apache, William killed every last Indian he could find, all except Crying Eagle, the town drunk. Whispered rumors began, telling of the mine being played out, but every couple of weeks a shipment is sent out, only to see the train robbed before it leaves the territory. But all of that trouble should be over, for the vile bandit has been caught in the act. Luckily for the town, a judge was on the train, and a trial is taking place at the Silver Wheel Saloon this afternoon. Maybe, just maybe, the luck of the town is about to change.

As the trial starts, a storm blows in forcing the townsfolk to gather at the saloon to ride it out.  But when the storm intensifies outside, tensions rise inside . . .


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