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One of the Lurkers in the Valley GenCon2013 events is "The Auction" by Robert "Mac" McLaughlin.  It will be held on Friday, August 16, 2013 at 7:00 pm.  Choose your favorite three characters from the list below and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have one assigned in advance. You will receive the first one still available on the list that you send. Once you have a character assigned, you will be sent your full character background so that you can plan accordingly for costumes, etc. Check back for further details!

Player's Introduction:

You are cordially invited to a private auction from the estate of M. Vandestowe.  Certain eclectic antiques, curios and rare books from the Vandestowe collection shall be placed on auction according to the executors of Mr. Vandestowe's will.  Attendance is by invitation only.  All transactions will be settled on site in cash, negotiable bonds, or other acceptable forms of currency.  All transactions will be final.  The auction will be held at 23 Chartres, New Orleans, Louisiana on the evening of August 16, 1956.  Doors will open at 7:00 pm.  RSVP to the office of Seth Applegate by August 1, 1956.

Cordially Yours,

Seth Applegate

Seth Applegate, Solicitor


Character Already Assigned - Michael Koenig, Wealthy Industrialist and Collector of the Occult - A bold investor and entrepreneur, Koenig turned a modest family inheritance into a substnatial emprie of mines, steelworks and machine plants.  Although he never met Vandestowe personally, he feels a certain kinship by their similar success and fascination with the occult.

Cynthia Grey, Koenig's "executive assistant" and personal companion - A former model and art student, Cynthia attempted to live her life too fast and became involved with several scandalous affairs, drugs and alcohol.  She spent the past several years putting her past behind her, working as Koenig's secretary and companion.

Sir Timothy Walker, Curator of Religious Antiquities, the Royal Museum of London - His passionate interest in European history and the early church led him to a career with the Royal Museum.  He has been the Curator of Religious Antiquities for the past nine years.

Karl Neumann, German Expatriate from Argentina - Owner of a large vineyard and winery in Argentina, Neumann is a formal, well mannered gentleman with a Prussian military bearing. 

Character Already Assigned - Dr. Howard Armitage, Professor of Medieval Studies, Miskatonic University - Grandson of Professor Henry Armitage, Howard is following the honored Armitage tradition of scholarship at Miskatonic University.  One of the youngest professors at the university, Armitage feels as if he must live up to the name of his grandfather.

Character Already Assigned - Jack Murray, Graduate Student, Assistant of Dr. Armitage - One of Armitage's leading grad-students, Murray is a likable, athletic young man who enjoys cars and martial arts as well as history.  His prime fields of study are the Roman Empire and the Italian Renaissance.

Dr. Conte Cicala, Director of Acquisitions, Library of San Marco - A shrewd, worldly individual, Cicala is more often taken for a well-dressed Mafia Don than a librarian. Through his years of work at the famous Library of San Marco, he realizes how difficult historic acquisitions can be.

Character Already Assigned - Sam Merriweather, Famous Illusionist and Stage Magician - Merriweather is one of the most famous illusionists in the world.  He enjoys a reputation as a "magician" and "master of the unknown" and is hear to see what might add to his act.

Rabbi Oskar Eisenberg, Acquisitions Agent, Museum of Jerusalem - Eisenberg studied Hebrew law and traditions from an early age.  A survivor of Aschwitz, he moved to Israel in 1951 and has spent several years working for the Museum of Jerusalem.

Rosco Bonaparte, Promising Jazz Musician - The youngest son of an old, wealthy New Orleans family, Bonaparte is the rebellious black sheep fo the family. He is a very talented young jazz musician, and plays the trumpet at several clubs and lounges in the Quarter.

Character Already Assigned - William Lee, Beat Writer and Junkie - Bill Lee is a talented, if unorthodox, writer of the beat generation.  Living in a ramshackle house across the river in Algiers, he ekes out a living on modest royalties from some small press publications...and scams.

Character Already Assigned - Allie McGregor, Author and Mystic - She is an accomplished mystic from Edinburgh who assisted Scotland Yard with a number of highly publicized missing persons and murder cases.  She makes a comfortable living from private readings and royalties from her successful series of occult mystery novels.

Father Gallacci, Exorcist - Father Gallacci is a veteran defender of humanity, dedicated to thwarting the supernatural and keeping the less savory aspects of this eternal struggle from mankind.  He is cordial, if slightly reserved, and interested in any items that might best be held by the Vatican.

Character Already Assigned - Jean-Luc Chamiel, Antique and Art Collector - Chamiel is a cultured, well-spoken gentleman with a broad knowledge of antiques and the fine arts.

Seth Applegate, Executor of the Vandestowe estate, and New Orleans Lawyer -  Applegate is a moderately successful lawyer with an office in New Orleans. He is somewhat well known in social circles, having been Vandestowe's personal attorney.  He is here to run the auction and make certain that things go smoothly.

Eve Neumann, wife of Karl Neumann and German Expatriate from Argentina - A blond, athletic and slender woman, whose handsome looks outshine her husband.  She seems to be something of a trophy wife, but is intelligent and highly interested in the items in the auction.

Hussein Al Shalmoud Bury, Buyer and Seller of Antiquities - Bury began his life as part of a dirt poor Bedouin trader family. As a young man he managed to build a highly profitable import -export business from his family's trading business.  During WWII he sold supplies to the military, but he has a passion for the odd and interesting items of the occult. 

Kevin Renner, Driver, Bodyguard for Hussein Bury - Renner was a Merchant Marine Navigator during the early part of the war and was hired by Hussein Bury in 1943. You have a pretty plush job working for Bury as a driver and bodyguard. You always travel in style and the work isn't really too hard.

Nabil, Manservant for Hussein Bury - Nabil was originally from Damascus and is one of the lucky few who never really appears to age. He could be any age from 30-60. He has been working for Hussein Bury since about 1940. He is an impeccable manservant for him and his skills have proven very useful for Bury over the years.

Dr. Gerald Rantouill, Physician and former private physician for Vandestowe - Rantouill was a physician in the war and became a highly sought after plastic surgeon after leaving the military. Several years ago, Vandestowe hired him to do some cosmetic surgery on his mistress, Elea Wood, as well as tend to his more than slightly hypochondriac needs.

Enrique Ricardo, Cuban broker for Carlos Marcello - Ricardo owns a brokerage house in New Orleans. He is tall, thin, with slicked back hair and a greasy mustache, but he is a lot stronger than his white suit covered body makes him appear. Unfortunately for him, the ponies, the slots, the cards, left him deeply indebted to Carlos Marcello. The only thing that saved his kneecaps and his brokerage house was his ability to get his hands on things.

Assistant Rabbi Saul Liebowitz, Scholar of the Kabbala Leibowitz is a unassuming young man who has spent all of his short career studying the Kabbalalic traditions, just like his father. When the war broke out, he was studying in Israel; after the war he came home and continued studying, sometimes with his uncle, the Rabbi Oskar Eisenberg.

Dirk Borne, Security Guard for S. Applegate - Dirk tried to join the Army right after Pearl Harbor when he was 20, but wasn't accepted because he is deaf in one ear. He assumed that it would be similarly difficult to join the police force, but everyone needs a private eye in Washington, DC and so his new career was born.

Francois DeLa Croix, Struggling New Orleans Artist - DeLa Croix began his career in New Orleans as a reasonably talented young artist, but his later work has put off both artists and the public alike; the local artist guild won't even speak with him anymore. Nearly overnight, he went from being a local darling of society art lovers to "a crazy freak" that it might be best to avoid.

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