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Riding the oldtownStorm Out

Riding the Storm Out by John Welliver will be held as a Play It Forward/Fellowship of Gamers charity event on Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 7:00 pm! It will be held in Dede 3, in Hulman Student Union at Indiana State University. The ISU Role Playing Guild is also co-sponsoring this event. The cost for participating is $10.00 per person with all of the proceeds going to the Indiana Deaf-Blind Family Connections (deaf-blind) fund at ISU.

Please check the player's introduction and character list below.  Choose your favorate character and one or two alternates and send your requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. asap!  Play it Forward Logo Concepts 05

Characters will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis, so get your request in soon!


Player's Introduction

Lake Valley, is a small, usually sleepy mining town in the New Mexico Territory. The silver mine has provided for the town for going on 10 years now, but lately Indian raids and train robberies have plague the mine owners, William and Edmund St. John Smythe. After his mother was killed by Apache, William killed every last Indiana he could find, all except Crying Eagle, the town drunk. Whispered rumors began, telling of the mine being played out, but every couple of weeks a shipment is sent out, only to see the train robbed before it leaves the territory. But all of that trouble should be over, for the vile bandit has been caught in the act. Luckily for the town, a judge was on the train, and a trial is taking place at the Silver Wheel Saloon this afternoon. Maybe, just maybe, the luck of the town is about to change.


Player Characters

William St John Smythe, Male 32, English Gentleman

William, along with his brother Edmund, own the silver mine in Lake Valley. William has spent close to half his time in England finding investors since the purchase of the mine. He has developed a borderline irrational hatred of the Apache since the death of his mother.


Edmund St John Smythe, Male 28, English Mine Operator

Edmund has been in charge of the daily operations of the mine he owns with his brother since they first arrived in Lake Valley. Vexed by constant train robberies, he is sure there is a mole in the organization.


Sam Terwilliger, Male 47, Appalachian Mine Foreman

Sam has mined coal in the Appalachians, gold in the Yukon, and silver in Nevada. He is William and Edmund’s most trusted employee, and the one asked to do the most important work.


Bill “Scorpion” Morris, Male 28, Mine Worker

A devoted family man, Bill has been working in the mine for nearly two years, and was part of the crew that found the second deposit. He has been stung by scorpions no less than 12 times, but remarkably has had no more than a high fever as a result.


Charles “Lash” Murray, Male 45, Black Mine Worker and Former Slave

Somewhat timid and eager to please the Smythe brothers, Charles bears several scars on his back from his past as a slave. The only time he gets angry is when someone calls him “Lash”.


Elise Barton, Female 23, William’s British Fiancée

Young, British and wealthy, Elise’s father is one of the new investors William found in London, and she is William’s fiancée. She has travelled to Lake Valley to surprise William, but the attempted robbery of the train she was travelling on has left her shaken.


“High Noon” Warren, Male 55, Town Marshal

The first lawman to arrest Billy the Kid (Billy was 8 at the time, and had stolen some penny candy), Marshal Warren is known as a by the books keeper of the peace that has captured outlaws from Yuma to El Paso.


Jonathon Phillips, Male 34, Pinkerton Detective

A Pinkerton detective assigned to look into all of the train robberies in and around Lake Valley. Phillips finds it strange that virtually every silver shipment gets hit, while more transportable loot gets left behind or ignored altogether.


Brad Barker, Male 45, Judge

Nicknamed the Apostle, Barker is a travelling judge assigned to the New Mexico territory. Described as being able to see the true nature of a man, he is notably cruel to vicious outlaws and lenient to good men who do wrong.


Daniel Fox, Male 29, Notorious Train Robber

Fox gave himself the nickname “Hellish Gravedigger” early in his career, wisely believing that the fear of a name was as good as the fear of a man. Having gained a reputation as a ferocious train robber and rapist of women, Fox was caught robbing the train to Lake Valley, and is now awaiting trial.


Craig Riley, Male 24, Gentleman

A gentleman from back east, Riley was headed to El Paso when the train took the usual detour to Silver City. He soon found himself staring down the barrel of a gun when Fox hit the train. He has been spending a lot of time with Elise, trying to help her through this ordeal.


Craig Watkins, Male 29, Rancher

Watkins owns a small ranch about 10 miles outside of town. Seen as a loner, tales of his beautiful wife, dead 5 years now, led some of the town’s women to try to comfort him. He spurns there advances, claiming he only his eyes for his wife.


Lonesome Newman, Male 38, Bartender

Bartender at the Silver Wheel Saloon, Newman runs the place whenever the owner goes out of town. A gentle man, Newman has a soft spot in his heart for Crying Eagle, and helps him out whenever William’s ire gets aroused. Loves Sally like a daughter.


(This Character has already been assigned.) Sally Adams, Female 19, Serving Girl

Daughter of the saloon owner, Sally is nineteen and isn’t quite sure what she is going to do with her life. An excellent cook, she has spent most of her time working in the saloon since she learned how to take food and drink orders. All of the single men (and some of the married) would love to spend a night or longer with Sally, and if the rumors are to be believed, she might have found someone she cares about.


Susanna Burke, Female 53, Brothel Owner

In her youth, Susan was a renowned dancer in Atlanta, but the war and Sherman’s march destroyed her dreams. She headed west, and upon settling in the newly founded Lake Valley, founded the town’s first, and only, brothel. Located next to the Silver Nugget, the Dancer is a place of few fights, as the miners don’t want Susan banning them.


George Dixon, Male 31, General Store Owner

Dixon owns the General Store, which he runs with his wife Maggie. A younger man, Dixon bought the store from the previous owner, and it remains the place to go if you need anything. Dixon works long hours checking inventory and making orders, and has begun to were a tired, haggard look.


Maggie Dixon, Female 29, General Store Owner’s wife

Maggie runs the store with George, and is the best seamstress in town. Maggie is getting worried about the stress George is putting on himself, and just wishes he would close the ledgers and come upstairs early at least once a week.


Jordan Lawson, Male 25, Telegraph Operator

Operator of the local telegraph office, Lawson is a young, bookish man known for his discretion, burning messages in front of their senders and recipients. Well liked by gentle folk, he has been the target of some of the nastier miners who consider book learning unnatural.


James Larson, Male 42, Mayor

Mayor of Lake Valley, Larson has earned the less than flattering nickname of “Riding” given his penchant for riding his horse no matter how short the distance he is travelling. Jokes about how he would ride the horse upstairs to bed if he could figure out how to get it down again persist, as well as ones about how he keeps the horse close so that when trouble breaks out he always has a speedy getaway close by. Some folk believe he is William’s puppet.


Crying Eagle, Male 48, Drunk Apache

Crying Eagle is the town drunk and an apache, the last one known to stay in the area. As a result, he is a convenient target for William and the miners. Having lived in Lake Valley since before there was a town, many of the older residents have a soft spot for Crying Eagle, and Lonesome Newman and Susan Burke always try to keep him fed and with a roof over his head.


Ronnie O’Brien, 24, Train Engineer

Engineer of the train, Ronnie would have liked to have left town as soon as the passengers had disembarked, but the judge and marshal asked that the train stay until after the trial so Fox could be sent to prison posthaste. Ronnie loves the train more then people, and has made some special modifications. (Can be male or female).


George Stewart, Male 36, Rancher & Deputy

Nicknamed the Bull for both his size and strength, Stewart is a rancher that acts as deputy whenever the marshal is out of town. A no-nonsense man when acting as deputy, saloon brawls have been broken up simply by him raising his voice.


Lee Barnes, Male 37, Doctor

The town doctor, Barnes also acts as dentist, veterinarian, and mortician. Well liked by everyone, he has never refused a patient, no matter their background.


Smiley Ulhane, Male 43, Medicine Hawker

Owner of a traveling medicine show, Ulhane is a grifter, con-man, flim-flam artist, and all around untrustworthy sort. Almost any sort of “medicine” can be found in his wagon, although its overall usefulness will vary based on the gullibility of the purchaser.


Crow’s Foot, Male 55, Shaman

Crow’s Foot claims to be an Apache shaman on a pilgrimage alongside his daughter, Dancing Wind. The two travelers were attacked by coyotes a week back, and reached town yesterday morning, with Crow’s Foot burning with fever and only semi-conscious. Knowing what will happen if William hears about them, Doc Barnes has been treating them at his house, rather than at his office.


Dancing Wind, Female 22, Apprentice Shaman

Crow Foot’s daughter, Dancing Wind has been named his successor as shaman of their tribe. The pilgrimage is an ancient tradition for the shaman, and Dancing Wind has no idea where the pilgrimage ends. Having no choice but to stay in town until her father gets better, she is getting restless being cooped up in the doctor’s house.


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